Funny cats and dogs part 5 – funny cats

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Funny cats and dogs part 5 – funny cats


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Mostly all cats and dogs are simply some of the most funniest animals there are on the planet. Dogs and Cats are also one of the most hilarious animals! They move faster than the speed of… and slower than the best slow motion movie flick. You can’t help but laugh until you cry…

Can you hold your laugh while watching any of these super funny dog and cat cuts? 

Just look how all these cats & kittens play together, fail to get to the goals, some do get along with dogs and even other animals, most cats are simple and get scared easily by our moving inventions, the use their claws even when having a marvelous time, they also make funny sounds, they purr, growl, and will let you know when they get angry, some play in water and other make sounds such as babies crying when they are in their war zones… 

Long story short; cats are so ridiculous, funny and most of all cute! 

What is your favorite type of cat or dog? 

Do you like kittens or puppies?

Man’s Best friend most would say


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