Does Media Edit Videos – To Control People?

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Does Media Edit Videos – To Control People?


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The-media-does-the-mainstream-media-edit-videos-in-order-to-control-people – When one wants to find out about what is taking place in the world, they can end up looking towards the mainstream media. This could be something that has taken place for as long as they can remember.

In the past, they might have listened to the radio, watched TV or read a paper when it came to fulfilling their need to be informed. This is something that can still take place, but they now have the option of going online.

On The Go

As a result of this, it is now easier than ever before for them to stay up to date with what is taking place. Through having some kind of device, they can go online no matter where they are.

All the information they need is right at their finger tips, and this means that they no longer need to go out of their way. Yet, even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that it will be any different to how it used to be.

A Preference

What this comes down to is that one is not going to be restricted when it comes to how they are informed. If they prefer to read, there is going to be plenty of content for them to consume.

Or, if they would rather have someone else tell them about what is taking place, they will be able to watch videos. There will also be the opportunity for them to listen to audio recordings.

The Best Option

When it comes to what option they choose, it can also depend on what is taking place in their life. If they haven’t got a lot of energy, they may find that they would rather sit back and watch a video.

If one had to drive somewhere, listening to something might be the best way for them to stay up to date. Either way, by having so many ways to be informed, it is going to have a positive effect on their life.

A Choice

Therefore, if one is in a position where they don’t know anything about what is going on in the world, it is likely to be a sign that they have chosen to be this way. At times, they might have other things that they need to focus on.

And while one is going to miss out during this time, it is unlikely to have a big effect on their life. In fact, one might find that they feel more at peace, and it could be said that this is to be expected.


What this comes down to is that most of what is taking place in the world is out of one’s hands. It can then be normal for one to pay attention to what is taking place and to end up feeling hopeless.

One can then come to the conclusion that it is a good idea for them to limit the amount of time they spend going over what is taking place in the world. They could also think about how the media is more concerned with what is wrong with the world than what is right about it.


Limiting the amount of news they are exposed to is then likely to have a positive effect on them. This can enable them to have a more balanced outlook, and they can begin to focus on the things that they can change.

As if they were to allow their emotional state to be defined by an outside source, they are going to have very little, if any, control over themselves. The mainstream media is going to be in control of how they feel.

One Option

Through being aware of the effect the news is having on them, it will allow them to take a step back when they need to. This is going to be far better than to simply cut it out altogether.

One might decide to only check up on the news at a certain point each day, as opposed to doing this throughout the day. And if they were to check out a video or to watch TV, there are going to be moments when they will end up being shown a video.

A Compilation

This could be a video where someone has been filmed saying or doing something, for instance. Along with this, there can be times when a news site on social media can share a video where lots of different footage has been put together.

When something like this happens, the video footage is likely to have been shared to support what they are talking about. And as the footage is there, it can be seen as a sign that what they are talking about is the truth.


This is then similar to how CCTV footage can be used to prove that someone has committed a crime. There is going to be no doubt about what has taken place, or who has was involved.

However, just because the mainstream media uses video footage, it doesn’t mean that this always proves that they are right about something. What it can show is that this is just another way for them to control people.

Video Editing

For one thing, they may have taken a video and removed certain parts of it. This can mean that the video is going to end up having a completely different meaning, and this is because they have changed the context.

If they were to put different footage together to make a video, it is likely to be used to prove something. Yet, if each of the videos were watched individually and in their original form, they could have a radically different meaning.


What this will show is that they are not always using this footage to inform people, there will be times when they will use it to condition people to develop a certain outlook. But unless one is able to take a step back, they can end up going along with what they are told.

Ultimately, this can be seen as a form of fake news, but the mainstream media is unlikely to hold their hands up. As far as they are concerned, this is something that the alternative media engages in.

=========Are All These Terrorist Attacks Fishy?===========

In 2016 there were some wannabe terrorist style attacks – your basic YouTube instructional “Pressure Cooker Bomb” copy-cat inspired Islamic Jihadi nonsense. Turns out, the wannabe terrorist ended up dying in a gun-fight with police, family members fled to Afghanistan just a few days before – convenient. Still, all-in-all the NYC bombings were mere mischief with bad intent, hardly worthy of the 24/7 cable news coverage – almost as if a ‘purposeful event’ to distract us from something else. Like what you ask?

The US attack on a Syrian military base during a supposed cease-fire, which is problematic, and yes, probably strategic. There is more to that story of course, we are not getting the full information, and Syria is in total free-fall and is now a pawn in a global war for territory and influence in the middle east while all the regional players are fighting as they always do, an on-going struggle of man-made lines drawn in the sand and a history of continuing the same.

The problem with this latest attack in Syria is multi-faceted especially during a so-called cease-fire, and there is way more to the story… than the media is saying right now, we will learn more later why – whether for good intentions or escalation, either way it’s high-stakes game they are playing – on all sides. It appears the Russians are not too happy about our power play right in their face and now they’ve “Tweeted” their intentions to use their SA-300 missile system on US aircraft as if “they” will be enforcing the “no-fly zone” that the Obama Administration was afraid to, so much for the “Russian Reset” and all that jazz.

In some regards big power bases need a balance and check on their power, and then the terrorists need to watch who they associate with to do their dirty work. Often the powerbase of authority uses false flags and terrorism to serve their will as well, often the wannabe terrorists are useful idiots to prop up an agenda of a morally corrupt powerful leadership, whether that leadership is behind the scenes or hiding out in the open it seems. Of course, no one wants to call this a JFK moment like the Cuban Missile Crisis, even while Obama plays down the reality – while stumping for Hillary Clinton’s campaign which looks in bad shape next to Trump’s Movement across the nation. She might not even be able to buy this election with $1 Billion in TV advertising – as she’s spent $65 million in Nevada and she isn’t even close to winning now when she was once 5% ahead. Surprised? Don’t be.

Message to Hillary: They Just Aren’t That Into You.

Fun stuff, aren’t humans cute – silly excuse for a large brained upright walking carbon-based bi-pedal engineering masterpiece, well if you ask me. Hey, I didn’t make the world of human society and civilization – I was born into this bullcrap, so don’t shoot the messenger, I am just an observer.

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